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Specialty grade small batch Coffee

Welcome to Heirs Coffee


local. family. coffee.


We are proud residents of Blount County, TN.  We love our community as this is where we live and roast.  If you live in Maryville/Alcoa area, check out our local coffee delivery.  We hope you stick around, get to know us, and become a part of our family.


Family is so central to our identity that we even named our company Heirs Coffee.  Every step of our process is based on this principle.  When available to us, we select beans from family owned farms.  We are family owned and operated.


We talk about coffee, we drink coffee, we smell like coffee, and we sometimes even dream about coffee.  We take our time roasting our specialty grade coffees in small batches of less than 5 pounds.  Wondering why we do that, or how we choose our beans?  Just ask. We love to educate and we continue to learn our craft.  Invite us into your lives and we will share our passion with you.



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Turn up your coffee game in the break room. Let us know how much and how often you need coffee and we will deliver to you weekly if your physical address is in Maryville, or Alcoa. Out of town? That's ok, we'll ship it right to your business for you.

Local. Coffee. Family.
— What we are all about

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