Our Story


It all started when…

A guy went on a journey to find the perfect cup of coffee. 

I've always loved coffee.  And I've always had a knack for making really good coffee. Even back in my college days, I was the guy you went to if you just had to have a good cup, especially if it was finals week. I enjoyed good coffee but didn't really know why or what I liked. Then the obsession began. I started working for a local coffee house, I got more and more curious about the process and the why behind the what.  I had the opportunity to experience roasting, manage an espresso bar, and be educated on the proper coffee protocols. The result of these last 8 years of my coffee journey is Heirs Coffee. Heirs Coffee is the endeavor of my wife, my five children, and myself. We roast, bag, label, and deliver Specialty Grade Coffee to you at your home, office, or private event. Thanks for joining me and my family in this ongoing coffee journey.

Enjoy every sip.

Kyle Wigington -- Owner